Washington Education Law and Policy Review, Volume 1


In 2015, we published our first issue of the Washington Education Law and Policy Review. Since the publication is in its initial stages, 1Ls are permitted to serve in the editorial staff. The first issue included articles and comments authored by Law Professor Sarah Kaltsounis, UW law students, graduate students and educators.

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Washington Journal of Education Law and Policy 2015


The School to Prison Pipeline: How Implicit Bias Colors Discipline

Luke Edwards and Allison Elgart

Towards Authentic Engagement: A Promising Model for Family-Friendly

Ellie Canter and Kelsey Kennedy

Teaching in a Public International School: Agency, Structure, and Citizenship Education

Taylor D. Richman

The Replaceables: Linguistic Prescriptivism, the Regression of Equitable Education and its Implications for Democracy

Zion Mengesha

An Appropriate Test for “Appropriateness”; The Tenth Circuit’s Statute-Driven Test for Residential Placement Reimbursement is the Most Aligned with the Language and Purpose of the I.D.E.A.

Kellen Ruwe


Recent Skirmishes Between Washington’s Legislature and Supreme Court in the Battle Over K-12 Public School Funding

Sarah Kaltsounis

Becoming the Number One Producer

Phillip Garza

Parent Volunteerism and Student Achievement

Leeanna Castor

Failing the Future: Ten Years Later, School “Choice” Remains a Pipe Dream for Most

Tracey Hanna

Common Core Implementation: A Perspective from a Kennewick School District Teacher

Valerie Feth

The Problem with the Stigmatization of Failure

Maria Malik