Constitution & Bylaws

Education Law and Policy Society

Constitution & Bylaws


Article I – Name

Section 1        The name of this organization shall be the Education Law and Policy Society (aka “Ed-Law” or “ELPS”).

Article II – Purpose & Mission

Section 1        It shall be the purpose of this organization to educate the student-body as to the role law and lawyers play in shaping public education; to connect UW law students interested in school law with practicing attorneys in the field; and to impact the development and implementation of education law through research, dialogue, and community service.

Section 2        Ed-Law recognizes that public education is fundamental to our democracy and economy. We are committed to working with stakeholders at all levels to promote effective dialogue around public education that leads to innovation and improvement. Ed-Law primarily focuses on the way in which law and policy shape education reform. We are committed to innovative reform at local and national levels. We recognize that because our communities are different, so too will the solutions to our challenges differ. While we recognize the need for a variety of solutions to the challenges facing public education, we firmly believe that all students are entitled to high expectations and the resources to realize those expectations.


Article III – Membership

Section 1        The membership of this organization shall consist of regularly enrolled law students at the University of Washington School of Law. Only those members who are currently registered University of Washington School of Law students and are on the board of Ed-Law will have voting privileges.

Section 2        Staff, faculty, and non-university persons may be associated with Ed-Law; however, these individuals will not have voting privileges.

Section 3        All students interested and in good standing are eligible for membership in the organization.

Article IV – Officers

Section 1        The officers of this organization shall form the Ed-Law Board and shall consist of: President(s), Journal Chair(s), Director of Development/Treasurer, Director of Events, Director of Communications, Director of Pro Bono Project, 1L Representative(s) and Editorial Staff.

Section 2        General duties of each office include:

  1. President(s): Shall serve as the chief administrative officer(s) of Ed-Law, preside over meetings, and direct the implementation of programming, vision and organizational goals.
  2. Journal Chair(s): Shall serve as the editor-in-chief(s) of the journal publication and manage the editorial staff. The Chair shall oversee the solicitation of articles, editing process, publication of journal, and coordinate the journal launch event.
  3. Director of Development/Treasurer: Shall maintain records of funds and assist in goal of creating financial stability for the organization.
  4. Director of Events: Shall coordinate programs and events sponsored by Ed-Law (included, but not limited to, general membership meetings, Forces of Change – Education Equity Conference, and journal launch).
  5. Director of Communications: Shall coordinate communication with membership, oversee outreach, and assist with event advertising.
  6. Director of Pro Bono Project: Shall oversee and coordinate the pro bono project. Must take 1 quarter of the Pro Bono Advocacy Seminar.
  7. 1L Representative(s): Shall represent the concerns of their class to the Board and assist with events and journal as assigned.
  8. Editorial Staff: Shall assist the Journal Chair(s) in the solicitation of articles, editing process, publication of journal, and journal launch event.

Section 4        Students in good standing are eligible for appointment to the board.

Section 5        Officers shall serve a single year term from May of the present school year to May of the following school year. Appointment of new officers will occur prior to the expiration of the term.

Section 6        Officers may be removed if there is reasonably believe that their actions or continued actions will sufficiently harm the organization.

Article V – Elections

Section 1        Selection of officers shall be held in May after the spring quarter general general membership meeting. During the spring quarter general membership meeting the board will inform the membership of the upcoming election of board members. All members are eligible for application to a board position.


Section 2        Mid-term vacancies in the board will be filled by a majority vote of the existing board.


Section 3        New board members will be elected with a majority vote (2/3) of the board.


Article VI – Meetings


Section 1        Regular meetings of this organization shall be held once quarterly. Board meetings shall be held monthly.