The Education Law and Policy Society is a group of students with a passion for education and the law who seek to understand and educate others on the intersections between education issues, equity issues, youth justice issues and the law. Our organization hosts several lunch time meetings with guests and speakers, hosts the Forces of Change Education Equity Conference, puts together the Education Law and Policy Journal and is developing a pro bono project.

The purposes of the Education Law and Policy Society are:

(1)  to educate the student-body as to the role law and lawyers play in shaping public education

(2)  to connect UW law students interested in school law with practicing attorneys in the field; and

(3)  to impact the development and implementation of education law through research, dialogue, and community service.

The Education Law and Policy Society recognizes that public education is fundamental to our democracy and economy. We are committed to working with stakeholders at all levels to promote effective dialogue around public education that leads to innovation and improvement. ELPS primarily focuses on the way in which law and policy shape education reform. We are committed to innovative reform at local and national levels. We recognize that as our communities are different, so too will the solutions to our challenges differ. While we recognize the need for a variety of solutions to the challenges facing public education, we firmly believe that all students are entitled to high expectations and the resources to realize those expectations.


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